Monday, 8 August 2011

8.8.11 - Driveway formed

Daniel and his team has formed up all of the concrete areas that needs to be done.  So far no rain even though it is predicted everyday this week.  It is all ready to do the driveway and alfresco tomorrow and the rest on Wednesday.

A guy came to do the carpet and by the end of the day realised there isn't enough carpet and would tell the company to order more.  I can't believe, who can't add up the right amount of squares needed!!  We paid so much extra from Di Lorenzo (who did our carpet and tiles) and I am certainly not impressed with them at all.  The tiles look great but took so long to do and now not enough carpet to finish and will take another week to get more to finish off.  Although it is handy to have it all done before you move in, if I had my time again, save your money, get a credit back from Wisdom and do it when you get your keys.

Looking forward to our PCI tomorrow!!!!!

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