Tuesday, 9 August 2011

7.8.11 - PCI

It was very exciting and to think we are only a week away of moving in. All of the colours have come together really good.  It is so hard to tell until it is done and can't be happier.  Our SS had already been at our house for a few hours before going all through the house and marking with blue tape of things that needed to be fixed. There is nothing major to be fixed accept mainly the painting where other tradies have scratched or dinted the walls, architraves etc...  There is a maintenance guy who fixes up all the last minute things and checks all the windows etc before hand over.

Our driveway and alfresco got poured yesterday and the rest of the concreting will be done on 8.8.11. The guys did a wonderful job and were very efficient.

Our carpet was still being done and he told us that the extra carpet required will be coming on Friday so he can complete it.

So our handover date is 17.8.11 and we can't wait.  Just need to arrange so much in the next week like removalist, phone, delivery's and of course packing up all of stuff ready for the big move.

I will take some photos when we move in and you can see the final product.