Tuesday, 9 August 2011

7.8.11 - PCI

It was very exciting and to think we are only a week away of moving in. All of the colours have come together really good.  It is so hard to tell until it is done and can't be happier.  Our SS had already been at our house for a few hours before going all through the house and marking with blue tape of things that needed to be fixed. There is nothing major to be fixed accept mainly the painting where other tradies have scratched or dinted the walls, architraves etc...  There is a maintenance guy who fixes up all the last minute things and checks all the windows etc before hand over.

Our driveway and alfresco got poured yesterday and the rest of the concreting will be done on 8.8.11. The guys did a wonderful job and were very efficient.

Our carpet was still being done and he told us that the extra carpet required will be coming on Friday so he can complete it.

So our handover date is 17.8.11 and we can't wait.  Just need to arrange so much in the next week like removalist, phone, delivery's and of course packing up all of stuff ready for the big move.

I will take some photos when we move in and you can see the final product.

Monday, 8 August 2011

8.8.11 - Driveway formed

Daniel and his team has formed up all of the concrete areas that needs to be done.  So far no rain even though it is predicted everyday this week.  It is all ready to do the driveway and alfresco tomorrow and the rest on Wednesday.

A guy came to do the carpet and by the end of the day realised there isn't enough carpet and would tell the company to order more.  I can't believe, who can't add up the right amount of squares needed!!  We paid so much extra from Di Lorenzo (who did our carpet and tiles) and I am certainly not impressed with them at all.  The tiles look great but took so long to do and now not enough carpet to finish and will take another week to get more to finish off.  Although it is handy to have it all done before you move in, if I had my time again, save your money, get a credit back from Wisdom and do it when you get your keys.

Looking forward to our PCI tomorrow!!!!!

5.8.11 - updates

Spoke to SS. He advised Daniel got the stamp and will be there on Monday, 8.8.11 to form up and pour on Tuesday.  The carpet will be going in on Monday. We can do our PCI on Tuesday, 9.8.11.  We also asked if we could do the handover at our house instead of us doing the 3 hour round trip and our SS has arranged Frank from Wisdom Homes to come down.  We have a temporarily date of the 17/8 if all goes well...... so close!!

4.8.11 - No driveway

We spoke to Daniel who is doing the driveway.  He told us that he didn't realise he needed a special stamp that needs to be done on the bottom of the driveway. So just more money and time to Shellharbour Council to get this.  He advise he can't start forming up until he gets it.  Every other council usually needs to inspect the driveway forming before it is poured but Shellharbour needs a stamp?? go figure...

So no driveway = no carpet = no PCI for this week..............

2.8.11 - Plumber

The plumber came and installed all of the other toilets and dug up the front yard and connected into the sewer. Never thought I would be so excited to flush a toilet!! The put in the last downpipe above the garage, just needs to be painted. They checked all of the taps for leaks and lucky that our SS picked up a leak in the tap in the laundry.  This went into the home theatre, lucky there was no carpet there!! An easy fix but glad our SS in on top of things, could of been really nasty.

1.8.11 - update from SS

No one there at the house today. We spoke to our SS and he advised the plumber will be there tomorrow, 2/8, the driveway should be formed up by Wednesday and carpet on the Thursday. If all that happens we could have our PCI done by Friday, 5.8.11!! To good to be true.........

30.7.11 - Driveway

Daniel from DRH landscaping came down and scrapped out the driveway and prepaid the alfresco ready for the concrete.  He was such a nice guy and didn't hesitate to help you out.  We told him how hard it was to get concretors out for a quote and said, 'No problem I will give you a price now and have it done before you move in'. Job solved. Highly recommended!!

28.7.11 - Cleaners

Well what a difference.  We had the most wonderful woman we could ever meet.  There was 3 of them but would think there was a cast of thousands.  The inside of our house had so much mud taken through it not to mention all the tradies that did there bit and left all the rubbish behind. It was really good to see how it all turned out and we could see our beautiful kitchen bench tops for the first time.  The ladies told us that this was a brief clean and they would be back to clean it again before we got the keys.  I was so happy about this because as everyone knows that has had tiles, it is the worst job of the lot trying to clean up all the grout residue and vacuuming all the new laid carpets.  What a nice touch!!

27.7.11 - Certificate from Sydney Water

I got in contact with the necessary people and with the right approach and appreciation for helping me out, I got the information i needed together with the document all in 1 day.  SO  I notified our SS and was very pleased and the office to get this sewer connected!  Instead of demanding things from someone and simply asking in a nice way, even though it is very frustrating, people help you - funny that!

The plumber should be there on Tuesday to connect it all up!! Finally!!

26.7.11 - Finally finished with this tiler

The tiler came back and put in the last tile. Our SS will be very pleased.  It seems to be so hard to get this tiler to finish and we are so glad to see the back of them.  The mirrors and shower screens have been put in today and look really good.  Slowly getting there. A guy came to patch up all of the holes in the gyprock that needed fixing.

We spoke to our SS and he advised that we have a problem connecting the sewer.  They need a certificate from Sydney Water as to where they can connect it. There is one lady at the office that has no customer service skills and was trying to obtain it without success, so I told him that I would chase it up tomorrow and get back to him.  

25.7.11 - Tiler

The tiler turned up and did the outside tiles and 1 tile still needs to be done in our ensuite to be finished.  It is so frustrating.  Just one more tile!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

22.7.11 - Plumber

The plumber was there today doing all the toilets. Finally they arrived. I went in and discovered so much water in our laundry.  There is obviously a blockage in the pipes. We have had so much rain and is a good test. The guys were really good about it and went and bought a bucket & mop to clean it up. Glad it happen now and not after we moved in. The driveway couldn't get done because of the rain.

21.7.11 - Wardrobes

All the wardrobes have been done as well as the linen cupboards. No one else there. Still no tiler.

20.7.11 - Pantry fit out

A guy came to fit out the pantry, he wasn't the happiest of guys to talk to you. First person that hasn't spoken to us through out our whole building experience.  Every other trade has been outstanding. Needless to say it looks good.  The painter was there again doing finally touch ups where other trades have marked the walls. The maintenance guy was also there.

19.7.11 - No tiler

Still no tiler. The carpenter came and finished off the architraves and door handles.

Our SS has been sick Friday & Monday. The sander will be there tomorrow to do under the stairs. The maintenance guy will be coming and the painter will be finished Thursday/Friday. The plumber has to come back for the toilets, plus the mirrors and shower screens, pantry and wardrobes have to be done.  The driveway is booked in for 21/7, depends on the weather. Hopefully the PCI will be next week.

18.7.11 - Painter & splash backs

The painter was there. The guy from Di Lorenzo tiles came and delivered one box of tiles so they can finish it off.  He picked up on a few more things they need to fix like the front porch tiles.  He advised they will be back tomorrow.  Yeah right.  I will believe when I see it.

The glass splash backs went in and I love them. The carpenter should be there tomorrow to put in remaining architrave.

16.7.11 - Plumber

The plumber came today and did as much as he could. Reece plumbing didn't deliver the toilets so they will have to come back to do it.

15.7.11 - Tiler

The tiler finally came back.  He was two tiles short to finish off our ensuite. SO still not done. Who knows when they will be back.

14.7.11 - Painter only - no tiler

13.7.11 - Painter and tiler

The painter stained the front door and hand rails and abit more other painting. The tiler took up the tiles outside the laundry, the main floor tile should of been there. They also fixed the other things that Di Lorenzo picked up.

12.7.11 - Little things done

A guy from Timplle Kitchen came and put on the pantry doors and installed the end panel in the laundry cupboards. Di Lorenzo came and put blue stickers everywhere that needed to be fixed. No tiler or painter.

11.7.11 - Tiler

The tiler has finished the main floor but still has tiles to finish off in the main bathroom. The decorative tiles have been done over the sinks. Painter and sander there.

8.7.11 - Tiler & tops

The tiler was starting the rumpus room and is getting there.  The tops for the vanity's arrived and have been installed as well as the sinks at on.  They look really good and so big.

Spoke to SS he advised the plumber was put back because the vanity tops were not on. He will come next week. The gyprock will be done on Saturday so the sander can come on Monday. The tiling and painting should be finished by the end of next week. The cornice in the alfresco is also done.

7.7.11 - No plumber but tiler there

6.7.11 - Painter & tiler

The painter was there again today.  The tiler was also there and doing the dining room area.

5.7.11 - Main floor started

Finally the main floor started. They got done the leisure area done only.  It looks good and happy with the tiles that were upgraded.

4.7.11 - few things happened

The site got cleaned up and looks much better. Felt like a cast of thousand there today. The painters were there, the electrician finished off and the whirly bird is in. The main floor tiles were also delivered today ready to go.

1.7.11 - Painter

The painter did all the 1st coat and looks really good and very happy with it.  Always nervous until you see it altogether.  We chose these colours so long ago.

Spoke to SS. He advised the tilers have now been delayed because they are taking to long and not coming so they tiler should be coming Tuesday/Wednesday to start to main floor. The gyprock guy to come Tuesday/Wednesday to fill in under the stairs. Plumber should be there Wednesday and the painter back on Thursday/Friday.The glass for the shower screens was order on 22/6 ready to go after the tiler is finished. Caesar stone for vanity has to come before the plumber can come.

30.6.11 - Painting

The painters turned up and the sander was still going upstairs.  I love the colour of the paint and can't wait to see it all up on the walls. We chose two colours, it is white smoke on the architraves and Colonial on the walls.

29.6.11 - Tiler & sander

The tiler turned up he grouted all the tiles in the bathroom but no main floor tiles started.  The sander was also there doing all the walls and ceilings.  Our  garage door went on and looks great.  Finally no one can get in now.

27.6.11 - Carpenter

The carpenter was there until about 12. He finished the rest of the architraves upstairs. No tiler. Here we go again.

24.6.11 - update for the week

We spoke to SS today.  Wisdom advised that they do not have the same toilet now and we had a choice of toilets that were similar. He advised the main floor should start next week. The carpenter will be there on Monday.  The sander should be there Wednesday and the painter can come in on Thursday/Friday.

23.6.11 - Tilers

The tilers turned up about 1pm and did alittle more in the bathrooms. More architraving turned and doors for downstairs arrived.

22.6.11 - Bench tops

Our bench tops went in and we were so excited. It is starting to look like a kitchen.  It is all covered up so it doesn't get dirty and paint on it. No one else there today.

21.6.11 - Electrician & tiler

The electrician put in all the power points and lights.  They also put in our rangehood and was exciting to put the lights on.  The tiler did alittle more tiling.  Slow but doing a good job.

20.6.11 - Tiler & carpenter

The tiler turned up again. He continued on with bathroom tiles.  The carpenter was also there putting in all the architraves.

18.6.11 - Tiler

The tiler finally came today. They did all the white tiles in the showers only.  Lets hope he will turn up tomorrow!

Friday, 17 June 2011

17.6.2011 - Carpenter

The carpenter arrived to finish off architraves etc. Should be finished by Tuesday 21.6.11. Still no tiler!

16.6.2011 - Tiler

Tiler finally arrived but the truck that was supplying the motor and sand broke down. So they said they would come back tomorrow.  Our water tank arrived. SS said the painter is due to come on 23/6. Carpenter should be there tomorrow.

15.6.2011 - Plumber installed rest of downpipes - no tiler

14.6.2011 - tiler supposed to start - didn't turn up

9.6.2011 - Kitchen, landry & vanity installed

8.6.2011 - Waterproof & kitchen

The waterproofing has been completed and did a great job. The kitchen, laundry etc  arrived today. The carpenter came and  put on the front door and finished off the eaves around the garage. He put up a few frames ready for the tiler.

7.6.2011 - Waterproof

The waterproof getting done today.  They will need another day to complete. The front door and garage internal door semi put in t lock up.

6.6.2011 - Doors arrived, architraves & frame for doors

5.6.2011 - Cornices fixed worked all day Sunday

3.6.2011 - update from SS

Received call from SS. Advised that the house will be locked up, water proof done, kitchen, vanity to come and install.

3.6.2011 - Stairs and handrails went in

2.6.2011 - Finished cornices

1.6.2011 - Cornice started putting up

26.5.2011 - update from supervisor

Our supervisor called as usual and advised what is happening next week. Stairs to go in on 3/6/11, cornice and then the carpenter.

25.5.2011 - gyprock finished

24.5.2011 - Gyprock started

The gyprock has started. It has all been done upstairs. Our nextdoor neighbours got there land scraped out today.

20.5.2011 - Air con

The air con rough out was put in. The wood for the outdoor area & eaves have been done ready for the grip rock.

19.5.2011 - Bricks cleaned off downstairs

17.5.2011 - Roof tiles

The roof tiles went on the garage and back rumpus  The electrician also put the rough fit out through.

11/12.5.2011 - Guttering for garage & rumpus to be put on

10.5.2011 - Scaffolding taken down

9.5.2011 - Painted top eaves

6.5.2011 - Half bricks cleaned & site cleaned up

Our new home

We decided to build again and saw some time ago a plan of the Wisdom Homes Manhattan in a Sydney paper and was love at first sight. Our friends were also going to be building and decided to go up to Oran Park.  We asked them to go and have a look at the new Manhattan Wisdom Home to see if it was worth us going up and getting all the brochures. They were so impressed and told us that if we went up and saw it we would build it. So we went up the following day and couldn't fault it and knew that this is our dream home and wouldn't change a thing. Although we didn't have a great experience with the sales person the house sold itself. If you can persist with the office and all the paper work there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have taken notes all through our building experience and have now decided to do a blog to help others who are thinking of building with Wisdom Homes. There is where we are up to so far:-

Thursday, 16 June 2011

3.5.2011 - Plumber

The plumber arrived and installed the down pipes and put in the back tap.

1.5.2011 - Eaves

The eaves went on and the sliding cavity doors delivered.

27.4.2011 - Finished bricking

12.4.2011 - Roof

The roof was started today and was finished off the next day. It looks fantastic and I really love the tiles.

8.4.2011 - Bricking

Halfway through bottom level of bricking and is starting to take shape. We need to put up the scafolding to start on the second level.

30.3.2011 - Pipes installed inside

The plumber installed all the pipes inside and were happy to see the bricklayers start.

29.3.2011 - Dirt and Austral

The huge dirt pile was cleaned up and taken away.

We had a meeting with Fiona from Austral. She acknowledged that the bricks were so light.  She knew that all the clay bricks (including ours the Haigh) came out alot lighter than usually. Her only solution was to wait and see when they produce more bricks later in the year or another colour late in May. Neither of these are any good. So even though we pay alot more to upgrade the bricks, it was like take it or leave it. What a waste of time. Not impressed with Austral, especially when you pay so much from those bricks. The supervisor told us that he will get the bricklayers to blend them as much as he can.

25.3.2011 - Windows arrive and installed same day frame complete

24.3.2011 - Frame

Put the roof  truss up on the back roof & garage.  The bricks arrived and not really happy with them. We spoke to Darren and he arranged for the rep from Austral to come out on Monday 28.3.2011.

23.3.2011 - finished off second storey

22.3.2011 - Second storey started

It was really wet yesterday and couldn't believe the carpenter turned up trying to keep working. What an effort. They managed to get most of it done.

18.3.2011 - Frame

The frame downstairs finished and 3 metal beams plus the floor for upstairs has been put on with the second storey at the top ready to start. A weekly call from Darren advising us what is happening next week. The frame will be completed and bricks to arrive.

17.3.2011 - Frame started

It is starting to take shape and most of downstairs is done.

16.3.2011 - Frames delivered

15.3.2011 - Laying more pipes

Great to see someone there and putting in the plumbing pipes around the slab and the electrician as well.

14.3.2011 - selected carpets & tiles

We made the long trip to Baulkham Hills.  It is a really good place and have a great show room.  We did decide to upgrade the floor tiles and carpet.  It is expensive and probably could have got it alot cheaper if we did it after we got the keys. But the idea of having it all done and just moved in is how we justified it.