Thursday, 16 June 2011

Building Wisdom Home in Shell Cove

We decided to build again and saw some time ago a plan of the Wisdom Homes Manhattan in a Sydney paper and was love at first sight. Our friends were also going to be building and decided to go up to Oran Park.  We asked them to go and have a look at the new Manhattan Wisdom Home to see if it was worth us going up and getting all the brochures. They were so impressed and told us that if we went up and saw it we would build it. So we went up the following day and couldn't fault it and knew that this is our dream home and wouldn't change a thing. Although we didn't have a great experience with the sales person the house sold itself. If you can persist with the office and all the paper work there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have taken notes all through our building experience and have now decided to do a blog to help others who are thinking of building with Wisdom Homes. There is where we are up to so far:-

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